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New type of cloud infrastructure is enabling device management, development and sales. Gain better insight in sales, upsell features and connect it to your development.

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Hardware management platform designed specifically for the electronics industry. It enables companies to track and manage hardware & software development in the cloud, streamline sales&billing with niche-specific CRM tools, and create integrations with outside systems to bring your customers an even bigger range of services.


CRM Tool in Hardware World

Access detailed reports on preformance of your product. Get better insight and manage your customers & projects through one place.


Sales & Billing

Create different sales and billing strategies depending on your client. Easily manage subscriptions and payments.


Embedded CI/CD

Through an agile approach, we’ll help you create and streamline your hardware development. For the first time, connect you feature release with you customers in just a few clicks.



Easy-to-use plugin allows you to set up your system to your own prefrence where clients can login and monitor devices, use sales&billing and much more.



Your business is an ever-evolving thing. Depending on you business needs different integrations can be embedded including customer or internal company facing.

We provide hardware life-cycle management all-in-1. Track hardware through its life cycles: from development to end-use. Manage customers, vendors, and KPIs in one place. Connect, control & grow. Smacty's hardware & software help you to bring products, processes, vehicles, or any type of machinery into the IoT world.


Get New Insights about your Product

Connect sales with development in a streamlined process. Cover everything by getting more insight in things that matter.

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Our mission is to give entrepreneurs and businesses the tool they need to create their own IoT products.


You can manage all accesses and permissions, creating a safe space for you and your clients to store all sensitive information. All stored data is also protected by 256 bit AES military-grade encryption.


Smacty offers ready-to-use hardware and software, where users are able to program the interface with a pre-set code of template blocks, drag-and-drop style. No need for further development or coding.

Cloud Infrastructure

Integrate your business, your products, and your clients in one single place. Use Smacty platform as your data connector and data warehouse, move the data from anywhere.


Manage your customer and products from one place. From the product creation, management, to sales & billing, Smacty will support you through the whole process.

Manage any type of hardware remotely. Control your products, factories, or services in one place and provide your clients with an integrated online platform.

No Pressure or Commitment

Smacty is a market tested Austrian startup. Our goal is to change the perspective on how hardware is built and how everything can be connected.

Immediate implementation

Smacty stands by fast firmware creation. Our microchips and boards can be programmed within hours to function on a production level using the low-code approach.


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